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7x – Innovation Champions
  • Profile photo of June Zhu

    June Zhu

    Revoluntionary Mental health mobile app to quickly and effectively help people with anxiety, depression and low self-esteem

  • Profile photo of Casey Pehrson

    Casey Pehrson

    We design and make Near Ear Audio systems for outdoor recreational athletes. 

  • Profile photo of Brian Sather

    Brian Sather

    We harness the pent up power in brand tribes by delivering purpose built apparel and accessories that increase sales, loyalty, and reach.

  • Profile photo of Joel McKay Smith

    Joel McKay Smith

    Serving Companies. Transforming Communities. Changing Lives. Accelerant works with urban and rural communities creating significant social impact and client business advantages. Working in tandem with 7xusa.com we are bringing innovation to innovators and the resources necessary for them to thrive!

  • Profile photo of David Osterczy

    David Osterczy

    Imagine this, you come home from a long, tough day at the office and you’re not in a good mood. You walk thru your front door, and there on your wall is a gorgeous autumn scene with flowing blue water and blazing fall colors, and you’re suddenly less stressed, and energized to hit the gym. You put on some of our ArtWear and hit the road. At the gym, your clothing elicits gasps of joy from everyone who sees you. “You look amazing” they say and “where did you get that outfit!?” You smile, and now you feel like a million bucks!   This is the joy I deliver to you when you buy my artwork and ArtWear. I will surround your world with beauty that will relieve your stress, boost your energy, and make you look and feel amazing.

  • Profile photo of Chase Roberts

    Chase Roberts

    Computer Engineering for Babies is a book that introduces basic logic gates to kids.

  • Profile photo of Sky Ogle

    Sky Ogle

    Serendipity Sky is a clothing design and construction studio dedicated to bringing your wearable ideas to life. We are inclusive of all genders and sizes.

  • Profile photo of Jacob Hacker

    Jacob Hacker

    TrailFit Fitness is an elite Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) training experience. I offer OCR, Parkour, and Ninja Warrior personal training and OCR Wellness Experiences.

  • Profile photo of Andrea Hughes

    Andrea Hughes

    Higher Line Film Festival, Productions and Books. Our goal is to create and inspire content that lifts and inspires the human soul. 

  • Profile photo of Jenner Brown

    Jenner Brown

    Cast iron cookware made in the mountains of the American West.

  • Profile photo of Graham Saxon

    Graham Saxon

    Composition, Production and Distribution of Music

  • Profile photo of Oie White

    Oie White

    I formulate custom  fragrances using a family process that has been past down for 4 generations. Let us develop your own custom perfume.

  • Profile photo of Patti Hobfoll

    Patti Hobfoll

    We are the full-service production company that will bring your business or products to live through commercials, web video, or whatever kind of visual content you need!

  • Profile photo of Jaxon Cummings

    Jaxon Cummings

    YOUR LIFE DOCUMENTARY that not only gives you happiness but your future great-grandkids happiness and a relationship with your life and who you are.   Sales & Marketing (Position & Sell it) CASE STUDY MOST PEOPLE WILL BE FORGOTTEN EVEN WHEN THEY ACCOMPLISH GREAT THINGS, UNTIL NOW. At Life Legacy, we capture your story for generations and for the world to know WHAT YOU DID WITH YOUR TIME ON EARTH.

  • Profile photo of Michelle Robinson

    Michelle Robinson

    CryptoCrateStore.com Join the magical internet money revolution.  Launched in 2021, Crypto Crate began in a 575 square foot apartment in downtown SLC, filled with an ever growing product wall of hand-crafted crypto gift boxes. While these crypto gift boxes are intended to solve gifting problems in the crypto space, they also help the community represent something much bigger as we collectively take a stand towards empowering our relationship with currency.  Our goal is to warm the hearts and spirits of the inevitable growing movement of crypto enthusiasts one quality product at a time.  Crypto Crate helps increase the awareness, interest and actual usage of coins by giving them a memorable physical identity.  As more and more people become interested in cryptocurrency, we need to start finding ways to spend it! The Crypto Crate holiday gift box solves these problems by allowing givers to show love for the cause, while giving receivers an opportunity to treat themselves to something special. With a little magic, we provide premium crypto-crafted and curated gifting solutions made simple, so you can impress your giftee(s) with unique care crates custom built for each recipient. Our Crypto Crate offering help consumers and blockchain based businesses create gifting options for their clients and employees.

  • Profile photo of Desiree Blanchard

    Desiree Blanchard

    I will bring the salon to you, and you can have amazing hair anywhere anytime (except after 7pm). Whether it be dimensional blonde, dark chocolate brown or a fun haircut I can do it.

  • Profile photo of Kathy White

    Kathy White

    Are you bored with team building games? Do you miss talking to 3d humans.  VR Waffles is reimagining team building games in a virutal reality world. We focus on communication, connection, leadership and connection. 

  • Profile photo of Mark Polson

    Mark Polson

    LIMITLESS SUSTAINABLE GREEN ENERGY By combining Tesla's self proclaimed greatest invention, The Tesla Turbine with modern technology and materials we revolutionize power generation.

  • Profile photo of Carlyle Potter

    Carlyle Potter

    New sand wedge design makes bunker shots simple.

  • Profile photo of Rod Blanchard

    Rod Blanchard

    Most small businesses have poorly designed, over-priced healthcare plans. We provide creative, comprehensive, compliant and affordable solutions. Our slogan is Physical and Financial Well Being.

  • Profile photo of Tiff Polmateer

    Tiff Polmateer

    No car left behind. A driving service that moves you and your vehicle.

  • Profile photo of Dan Newbold

    Dan Newbold

    Tinker RnD is a Data focused Venture Studio that helps institutions Realize the hidden value in your Data Heavy Research and Protect that value into a product market fit solution. With expertise in Mathematics, Engineering, and Information Security, we help Develop Software Solutions, Machine Learning and other Data Heavy projects into provable, protected and sustainable products. With two internal projects in prototype & research stage, we are working to deploy our own RNN to protect SMB and higher ed environments. The second is a design to encrypt data streams in radio frequency devices for civilian and military applications.

  • Profile photo of Bob Cox

    Bob Cox

    HOW DOES BIDTOURZ  WORK? The application that is single handedly  changing how we go on vacations!  With just a few clicks we will notify every Tour Guide in your vacation area.  They will then give you their best price for the activity they do best in the form of a bid.  You then get to choose which tour has the best value and is the best fit!

  • Profile photo of Ezra Roper

    Ezra Roper

    Easy to use hitch, allows you to pull bike trailers with your electric scooter.

  • Profile photo of Skylar Galt

    Skylar Galt

    C-suite level recruiting

  • Profile photo of Steve Armstrong

    Steve Armstrong

    Authentic Texas BBQ made by a true Texan & Veteran in a Texas made smoker with mesquite and oak from the heart of Texas

  • Profile photo of Esther Imotan

    Esther Imotan

    Chicago's First Female Minority owner operated Barbershop/Parlour. Everyone is welcome

  • Profile photo of Jim Birch

    Jim Birch

    With 'catch and release' recreational fishing, up to 38% of caught fish will die from the stress, injury, or exhaustion. Our patented solution injected into the fish prior to release has been shown to reduce mortality 75% and after 2 weeks of release, treated fish were 8% larger than untreated fish. 

  • Profile photo of Julio Durand

    Julio Durand

    Peruvian Coffee Shop. Superb Service, Unmatched quality. Rich flavored coffe fresh from the Peruvian jungle. We bring a high quality coffee store to the Salt Lake City area.

  • Profile photo of Alex Fuentes

    Alex Fuentes

    Glyfo Scan Wallet - Scan Shop & Pay using your smartphone.  No App Required.    Scan is reinventing the shopper experience in physical and digital environment.  

  • Profile photo of Patricia Hansen

    Patricia Hansen

    My name is Patricia. I am Passionate about helping people find Heath and Wholeness. I love sharing Natural Solutions for all areas of life. Join me in this incredible journey. Your Life! Your Choice! Be Empowered!

  • Profile photo of Mike Agrelius

    Mike Agrelius

    HVP creates & publishes fun, educational children's books & games that kids, parents, grandparents, teachers & homeschoolers enjoy  

  • Profile photo of David Sinclair

    David Sinclair

    It’s a smartphone. So why do we let everyone use it as a tracking device? Take back your digital freedom. Join 4Freedom to stop network operators, tech companies, and others from tracking your location, identity, communications, internet activity, payments, and more.

  • Profile photo of Steve Goodrick

    Steve Goodrick

    Bash is a social networking and ticketing platform for home-centered events. It is also a marketplace for services that best serve this ecosystem, such as musicians, cleaners, and event planners. We take the pain out of party planning.

  • Profile photo of Kent Findlay

    Kent Findlay

    My business is simple. Using a power washer and a tank of water mounted to a trailer - pulled by an ATV,  I want to ride around the neighborhoods after the garbage truck has collected the garbage, and power wash the inside of peoples garbage cans. 

  • Profile photo of Nathan Byrd

    Nathan Byrd

    Business Consulting, Marketing Strategy and Content Creation.

  • Profile photo of Britton Mathews

    Britton Mathews

    Veedback is video word-of-mouth marketing in one click. We are a B2B SaaS platform where e-commerce retailers can collect, manage and leverage video reviews into new sales using this social proof on their product pages.Veedback solves two current problems.  1. Everything is moving to video, and text-based reviews are becoming obsolete. Consumers are already going to TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube to talk about products. Unfortunately, brands miss out on owning this fantastic content. Brands have promoters out there making great content and are unable to get these great word-of-mouth endorsements in front of new potential customers. 2. Veedback's competitors only collect videos, and it's a fact that they stop paying once companies collect about 20 videos. This is a data play. Give the companies' marketers the tools to identify which videos are converting. Companies tighten their sales funnels using video social proof. Brands know they are getting an ROI using Veedback. Veedback becomes incredibly sticky as we are hosting the company's content and integrating it into the company's core metrics.Our full video pitch can be watched here ( 3:49 in length )Pitch Video on Youtube

  • Profile photo of Shawn Grant

    Shawn Grant

    More and more of us than ever before are suffering from stress and anxiety. We need better tools to help provide us relief. Better tools to help us relax. A tool that is affordable, effective, and is natural. The SOLACE Vibroacoustic Speaker is that tool. Feel the vibes and relax the mind.

  • Profile photo of Christoph Heinrich

    Christoph Heinrich

    Zero Emission Lawn Care

  • Profile photo of Darrell Fertakos

    Darrell Fertakos

    Inventing Winning Products for companies in dozens of industries as a three time award winning inventor

  • Profile photo of Daniel Parkins

    Daniel Parkins

    Community Wealth Development provides strategic consulting services to forprofits, nonprofits, and local government institutions. We prioritize sustainable ecosystem development, and we do so through sustainable business designs that generate community wealth across all five forms of Capital. Get the information, resources, and capital you need to build with your community and thrive.

  • Profile photo of Dawn Wellott

    Dawn Wellott

    This is a platform that enables communication and trust to support the new gig economy workforce. We meet US based women where they are and inform them of this new work option.  While also bringing significant financial savings to business owners as gig workers cost half of traditional workforce while addressing DEI concerns at the same time.

  • Profile photo of Khaya Darko

    Khaya Darko

    My Name is Khaya Darko & I am a Fashion Designer and Inventor Bringing Preexisting Products to the Twenty First Century Such as a Digitized Car Seat Bringing Forth Safety to a New Horizon with Parent Child Innovative Communication Features Plus More.

  • Profile photo of Jeanne Call

    Jeanne Call

    We are business incubator for women entrepreneurs. We help you create, build, and strengthen your business foundation. This brings the clarity that will make it possible for you to start, grow, and/or scale your business!

  • Profile photo of Jim Vowles

    Jim Vowles

    We find vintage auto parts and make them available to the public.

  • Profile photo of Ericandre Anjounique

    Ericandre Anjounique

    Massage Therapy Matters offers on-site massage services to help reduce stress, tension, and pain for staff and crew. Our licensed massage therapists provide customized chair massage treatments that promote relaxation and improve overall well-being, helping to increase productivity and morale in the workplace. With our convenient and effective onsite services, Massage Therapy Matters is the perfect solution for companies looking to prioritize the health and happiness of their employees.

  • Profile photo of Joshua Cameron

    Joshua Cameron

    A 10 minute conversation can elucidate how a business can double their profits in a surgically precise way.

  • Profile photo of Zach Fish

    Zach Fish

    BeeFriend builds personal one on one relationships with your loved ones. We make sure they find purpose and meaning through quality experiences, while also receiving help on basic day to day tasks.

  • Profile photo of Elizabeth Pantoja

    Elizabeth Pantoja

    Happeas is a functional plant based protein spread/dip made with whole ingredients, our products contains A,E,C,K and all B vitamins along with antioxidants and minerals, free of gluten, soy, dairy, nuts and sesame seeds/oil.


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