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    Graham Saxon

    Composition, Production and Distribution of Music

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    Jim Vowles

    We find vintage auto parts and make them available to the public.

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    Jaxon Cummings

    YOUR LIFE DOCUMENTARY that not only gives you happiness but your future great-grandkids happiness and a relationship with your life and who you are.   Sales & Marketing (Position & Sell it) CASE STUDY MOST PEOPLE WILL BE FORGOTTEN EVEN WHEN THEY ACCOMPLISH GREAT THINGS, UNTIL NOW. At Life Legacy, we capture your story for generations and for the world to know WHAT YOU DID WITH YOUR TIME ON EARTH.

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    Ezra Roper

    Easy to use hitch, allows you to pull bike trailers with your electric scooter.

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    Patricia Hansen

    My name is Patricia. I am Passionate about helping people find Heath and Wholeness. I love sharing Natural Solutions for all areas of life. Join me in this incredible journey. Your Life! Your Choice! Be Empowered!

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    Jeanne Call

    We are business incubator for women entrepreneurs. We help you create, build, and strengthen your business foundation. This brings the clarity that will make it possible for you to start, grow, and/or scale your business!

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    Jenner Brown

    Cast iron cookware made in the mountains of the American West.

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    Andrea Hughes

    Higher Line Film Festival, Productions and Books. Our goal is to create and inspire content that lifts and inspires the human soul. 

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    Softwareref SoftwarerefEU

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    Dianecon DianeconAK

    First Impressions Count. We build brands that are out of this world.

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    Steve Goodrick

    Bash is a social networking and ticketing platform for home-centered events. It is also a marketplace for services that best serve this ecosystem, such as musicians, cleaners, and event planners. We take the pain out of party planning.

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    Alex Fuentes

    Glyfo Scan Wallet - Scan Shop & Pay using your smartphone.  No App Required.    Scan is reinventing the shopper experience in physical and digital environment.  

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    Skylar Galt

    C-suite level recruiting

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    Tiff Polmateer

    No car left behind. A driving service that moves you and your vehicle.

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    Bruce C

    Don't have one yet

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    Rod Blanchard

    Most small businesses have poorly designed, over-priced healthcare plans. We provide creative, comprehensive, compliant and affordable solutions. Our slogan is Physical and Financial Well Being.

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    Kent Findlay

    My business is simple. Using a power washer and a tank of water mounted to a trailer - pulled by an ATV,  I want to ride around the neighborhoods after the garbage truck has collected the garbage, and power wash the inside of peoples garbage cans. 

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    Mike Agrelius

    HVP creates & publishes fun,  educational children's books & games that kids, parents, grandparents, teachers & homeschoolers like.  

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    Desiree Blanchard

    I will bring the salon to you, and you can have amazing hair anywhere anytime (except after 7pm). Whether it be dimensional blonde, dark chocolate brown or a fun haircut I can do it.

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    Darrell Fertakos

    Inventing Winning Products for companies in dozens of industries as a three time award winning inventor