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The ultimate green power generator

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Reserve Your 10KW Generator for just $100. Projected sales price is $7000
Closed loop distilled water lubrication system; uses no oils
An advanced external combustion engine gen set; the 21st Century Steam Engine
Moderate Regular Maintenance; Water pumps and valves with no metal on metal wear requiring replacement
Fast Starting; At operating temperature in less than a minute
SCADA system monitor for temperature and pressure
Air cooled condenser of working fluid
Small footprint, Portable, Able to be set up anywhere
Customizable, All-Fuel options; Any combustible gas, liquid, or solid including waste or biomass fuels (many eligible for carbon credits)
Service Plan Options with low maintenance costs

Base Load Green Power Generation
96% Input Materials are 100% Recyclable
Solar Thermal Technology Available
Backup Net Negative Carbon Negative Fuel Options Available
Environmentally friendly & Affordable Large Storage Thermal Batteries
Engine Production Adheres to Clean Labor Standards

Superior Motor Technology Ultra-lightweight
Superior Efficiency – Up to 96%
Acoustically quiet – Smooth motion
Reduced materials – Up to 80% less copper
Low electromagnetic interference
High Speed Capacity
Low Friction
Minimal Wear and Tear
Long Lifespan
10x Strength of Steel (700,000+ PSI)
Adiabatic in Nature (Heat Resistance)
Lighter Weight
Pourable to Mold
Biodegradable (Once Milled Down)

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