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SU 103 Getting Started – Introduction to the 7x Startup game – 7x

SU 103 Getting Started – Introduction to the 7x Startup game

Boom you have a great idea, What’s next?  Brilliant ideas often go unfulfilled because they are undiscovered, undeveloped and underfunded.

The 7x platform is built to address these very roadblocks. 

First of all – if you’re undiscovered… 

Social networking isn’t exactly new, but it’s certainly underutilized for startups – until now! 

7x IS a social media platform, designed to use the power of social media and harness it for the express  use of launching and growing businesses. 

Next – Undeveloped!

7x provides startups  the tools and resources that startup need to well, get started. Every startup on 7x can use the powerful storefront builder that comes complete with a merchant account.

You can also use any of our carefully selected preferred vendors to help develop your . These vendors provide proprietary discounts to 7x members so take advantage of the value.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle for startups is being underfunded.

9 out 10 startups fail? I think you will agree, the current system for launching Start-ups is pathetically inefficient.

Even if you’re fortunate enough to get  Angel Investor or Venture Capital money  70 – 80 % of the VCs and Angels also get it wrong.

Every company needs to have a Unique Value Proposition, something that makes them unique, even superior, to their competition.  7x’s UVP is the 7x games.  There isn’t a better way to launch a business. 

The first game is for the startups.  We’re creating a league, just like a professional sports league.  Instead of professional athletes competing against each other, we’re creating a space where startups compete against each other.  Just as athletes have specific strengths and weaknesses, so do businesses, and business ideas. Our games are designed to expose both, then coach you to accentuate the strengths and correct the weaknesses.

Just like in professional sports, you can’t just walk into the front office and say, “hi I’m your new quarterback, you can sign me up for 10 million dollars a year”. There is a grueling vetting process.  If you want to play in the big leagues you have to prove that you belong there. 7x is no different.

Every start-up is assigned a team but their path to success starts in the development league. The development league is designed as a friendly environment to vet your ideas and refine your project. It’s analogous to a little league team where everyone can play and everyone can benefit. It provides a social environment to help you find the tribe of supporters that your project needs to be viable. If your project struggles to gain traction, no worries, you are in a low risk environment that allows you to easily tweak your idea, pivot or scrap the whole thing and start with something new.

The business skills that capture the attention of the scouts in the development league are marketing and networking. If you can master those skills it doesn’t take long for the cream to rise to the top and you could be called up to fill a roster position in the big leagues.

As a member of a team’s starting line-up you will be assigned a position to prepare for.

The 7 position are 1. Creative Pitch, 2. Branding & Marketing, 3. Channel Development and Networking, 4. Sales and Operations, 5. Team Building, 6. Impact and 7. Leadership. During the game you will go up against an opponent from another team that is assigned the same position. This is a head to head competition. Your objective is to win the round in order to help your team win the game.

You will dominate your round by fully utilizing your strengths and being prepared to call out and exploit your opponent’s weaknesses. Calling out an opponent’s weaknesses has not been the practice in traditional pitch events which is just another reason the current system is plagued with such inefficiencies. This component of a 7x competition provides important insights for the investment community, but also motivates Start-ups to address their weakness so they can mend flaws in their business model and thereby transition weaknesses to strengths in future rounds of competition. This subtle change in format makes a huge difference in the quality of startups that will emerge as 7x Champions.

Like all sports, 7x is played out over a season comprised of a pre-season, a regular season, and ultimately the play-offs that culminate with the crowning of the season’s top 7 Startup Champions.

7x provides an entire infrastructure for Startups to launch and build their business. This is a platform where you can vet your ideas, acquire seed capital without any dilution of equity, gain publicity, market your goods and services, receive world class mentoring, find the clients that will allow you to succeed, and of course raise capital. 7x has one underlying mission, HELP STARTUPS SUCCEED. 


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