vVC 103 Invite a Friend

Invite a Friend

To be successful on 7x, and in business in general, you need to network, or in the sport vernacular recruit. In the bottom left-hand corner you will find this invite icon. This is how you spread the word and if you are playing either of the 7x games you earn points. 

Click on the invite button and it will take you to this screen.

As a vVC, a large portion of your vVC ranking is comprised of your recruiting efforts. As a startup your recruiting efforts are important to get traction for your business, and if you’re playing the 7x game, it helps increase your score.

The first item you will notice is your proprietary link. You can copy this link and paste it wherever you want.

If you want to email the link to some friends, select the email tab and enter the email addresses of those you want to have join you on 7x.

Make sure you personalize the message in a way that will make your contacts want to be a part of your success. Here’s a sample message for a startup, “Remember that idea I’ve been working on. I just posted it on 7x, here’s the link https://7xusa.com/referral/?invitedby=7x  I’d love it if you would go take a look at it. When you get there, register and the site will show you lots of ways you can help me, including ordering or my product or even playing a game that involves me competing with other startups. If you choose to play this game you can even make money.”

If you’re a vVC, the message could be something like this: “Hey I just found this cool platform that features startup companies competing against each other in a game. It’s kind of like fantasy sports, except for entrepreneurs instead of athletes. Check it out, you can make up to a 7x return on your entry fees. I’m going to play, are you in? Here’s the link https://7xusa.com/referral/?invitedby=7x

Enter the email addresses to those you want to invite.

Another way to invite your friends is to grant 7x access to your contacts. All of your contacts will appear, where you can Select All or just place a check mark by those you want to invite. This is a quick way to let your personal network know what you are up to on 7x.

The important thing to remember is that in order for you to earn points on the platform, you need people to use your link to access 7x.  So, copy your 7x link and use it in any communication platform that you use. If you don’t find the social network you’re looking for, just copy the link and post it wherever you want. You can post it in a text, on a bulletin board, email, or on your website. Post it anywhere you think someone could click on it.

Networking leads to success. Get out there and start spreading the word.