Beyond the Laughter (hardcover poetry book)


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Hardcover 64-page poetry book from author of HEAR WHAT’S HERE and ELEPHANT GLUE. See sample of poems in longer description.


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poems by m. agrelius

Switching gears from children’s books and games, we transition to something a little deeper, and a little more thoughtful. This 64-page hard cover poetry book, along with other books by m. agrelius became the best selling poetry books (I know, could there be a better example of an oxymoron?) for a chain of coffee house bookstores throughout California and the Pacific Northwest back in the 1980’s.  For a time Beyond the Laughter and Comes a Poet even outsold the “dead guys.”

Rather than try to hype the book.  Here are a few lines from some of the poems (with the hopes you might want to read more and order the book):

From Laughter in the Rainbows . . .
“The flavors in the conversation taste so good to hear,
The poetry and the popcorn await your mouth and ear.
There’s dancing in the cellar and preaching in the halls,
The fire has its limits, the chimney its walls . . .”

From She Liked . . .
“She liked salt-watered sunsets, and cold breezes that came from the sea.
She liked candy shop smells, and puppet shows that were free . . .”

From Approaching a Dream . . .
“Quietly edging up on my dream,
my goal,
my purpose.
The rest of the world continues in its own endeavors, not noticing,
and I’m kind of glad . . .”

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