Comes a Poet (hardcover poetry book)


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Hardcover 64-page poetry book from the author of HEAR WHAT’S HERE, ELEPHANT GLUE and BEYOND THE LAUGHTER. See sample poems in longer description.


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poems by m. agrelius

Switching gears from children’s books and games, we transition to something a little deeper, and a little more thoughtful. This 64-page hard cover poetry book, along with other books by m. agrelius became the best selling poetry books (I know, could there be a better example of an oxymoron?) for a chain of coffee house bookstores throughout California and the Pacific Northwest back in the 1980’s.  For a time Beyond the Laughter and Comes a Poet even outsold the “dead guys.”

Rather than try to hype the book.  Here are a few lines from some of the poems (with the hopes you might want to read more and order the book):

From Adventurin’ . . .

“The poet sits beneath the tree, in his shorts and in the shade.
Huck Finn sits in the poet’s mind, dangling his feet in rivers of thought . . .”

From Walls . . .
“You find safety in some words from a song,
you protect yourself in someone else’s pain.
You put up walls to keep emotions inside,
yet you tell yourself it’s to keep others away . . .”

From Time to Close Your Eyes . . .
“Have you ever been homesick for a place you’ve never been?
Have you ever thought about going there again?
Have you ever been in love with a girl you’ve never met?
Though you don’t know her, you know you can’t forget . . .”

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