Buy One, Get One Free! poems by m. agrelius & Randall Schultz


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92 page paperback book of poems by m. agrelius (author of HEAR WHAT’S HERE and ELEPHANT GLUE) and Randall Schultz (author, founder and content editor of


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Two poets write poems on a variety of subjects and then place them side by side, so when you buy one poem or poet it’s like you get the other one free.  Subjects include: Birth, Death, Fatherhood, Baseball, American Abstracts, etc.

Excerpts: “Some sad film and Mick Jagger’s t-shirt, I drink up the news on cable TV . . .” (from Lifestyles of White Mice in America) and “twist off my rubber neck love, resealable but not rehealable. teflon tragedy, a new innovation in cleaning emotions, mine, yours . . .” (from American Dreams) both poems under the subject of American Abstracts.


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